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Honey, I´ve shrunk the airplane

Models for exhibitions, models for fairs - each airplane spawns a prolific family of miniaturized descendants. Definitely not a toy for retarded adolescents, it is a useful object, since it projects and multiplies the image of real airplane. And, inciting dreams of travel and technology, it does this job better than a photo.

In the Suisse Romande - and even farther beyond - Thierry Genton has become the indispensable professional. He is the creator of models for Aeroleasing and many others: airlines, builders of buiseness airplanes, interior decorators. His productions are useful for marketing, but also for studies of outfitting.

A government plans to equip a Boeing or Airbus for presidential use? The specialized company orders a model of the interior from Thierry Genton, showing every detail. The aesthetic or conceptual revisions can then be made on a small scale and at low cost, while the client participates in all decisions on a fully informed basis.

Museum quality? Absolutely! And they've earned a good place - the Swissminiatur in Melide near Lugano, for example. On exhibit are not only Thierry Genton's airplanes, but also vast architectural models from his workshop: the CICR building, the Pavillon of the Gianadda Foundation, the Museum of the Olympic Committee. For the art and science of the model builder are certainly not limited to aviation.